Give. Advocate. Volunteer. Live United.
The Capital Area United Way is an independent, non-profit entity designed to help our community meet its health and human care needs.

Through its community-wide fundraising efforts, the Capital Area United Way helps to support 50 programs and services offered through 20 local United Way funded agencies.

Through a strong volunteer system, United Way brings together business, government, and committed people to address local health and human service needs in Hughes and Stanley counties.

Five Great Reasons to Give to Capital Area United Way

  • 1
    We Are Committed to You!
    United Way is accountable and reports the progress achieved through your contributions. We maximize the impact of every dollar you invest.
  • 2
    We Are Local!
    United Way addresses needs important to people who live and work in Hughes and Stanley counties. Your dollars go far, but NOT far away!
  • 3
    We Are Effective!
    Our partner agencies provide vital services and solve local community problems--and what really matters is that our children are safer, our families are stronger, and our communities are healthier because of your support of Capital Area United Way.
  • 4
    We Are Efficient!
    No other local organization can unify businesses, non-profit agencies, government, community resources, and leaders as successfully as United Way, ensuring a solid return on your community investments.
  • 5
    We Are Accountable!
    Our board and members work countless hours each year to assure United Way dollars are spent in the most effective way possible—and meet identified community needs. Questions about an agency are investigated and resolved before funding is approved or continued.