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A group of kids and parents at a campaign kickoff event put on by Capital Area United Way.

Difference a Dollar Makes

98% of what we raise stays right here in Hughes and Stanley counties. With your help, we are able to fight for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in our community. Help be part of the fight for a few dollars a day!  

$2 per week

$5 per week

  •  1 week of summer camp to an underprivileged youth where they will be safe, active and learn new skills and values. 

  • 1 GED student to take the four required tests. 

  • Year-round hands-on STEAM programs for 2 kids in a local after school program.   

  • 6 program handbooks for advancement for low-income Scouts. 

  • 5 sessions of support to a breastfeeding mom and baby. 

  • 20 blankets to provide warmth and comfort to people forced from their homes by fire or disaster.    

  • 1 week's worth of grocery for nine families seeking safety. 

  • 12 books for 2 children. 

  • 3 months of healthy snacks for a Club youth. 

  • 20 First Aid Kits to 20 Girl Scouts as they learn valuable skills they can use their entire lives.· 

  • 6 weeks of the YMCA licensed KidStop After School Program with their friends where they can enjoy the benefits of YMCA membership.   

$10 per week


  • 100 meals for families. 

  • 50 hot meals for people staying in shelters or working on disaster recovery near their homes. 

  • 10 hours of Barton Tutoring for participants with dyslexia with an Advanced Level Certified Barton Tutor. 

  • 20 sessions for young families to meet with support counselors. 

  • Allows children who present at the Central SD Child Assessment Center for medical evaluations to have snacks and bottled water 

  • 1 annual membership to a single parent family, a senior citizen on a fixed income or a person with a disability the opportunity to be a member of the YMCA.        

  • 1 week of nutritious lunches for a home-bound senior 

  • Emergency services for 12 people. 

  • 3 low-income youth the ability to participate in Scouting.    

A group of young students eating lunch in a cafeteria.

$25 per month

  • 60 students receive kid friendly food for one weekend, filling the gap when they don’t have access to school meals. 

$30 per month

  • 1 person a visit with a Behavioral Health Counselor.  

$40 per month

  • 120 prescriptions for 77 people. 

  • 1 week of BackPack food for all participants each week of the school year for children in Hughes and Stanley County schools. 

  • 1 month of food distributed from our Food Pantry.   

$40 per week

  • 1 Club youth to participate in an 8-week SMART Moves (Drug and Alcohol prevention) program.   

$100 per month

  • ​​A summer of hands-on STEAM for all kids from a local afterschool program. 

  • Medical supplies and forensic interviewing supplies for children evaluated at the Central SD Child Assessment Center.   


  • 30 nights of shelter for a mother and her child fleeing domestic violence

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